Streetwear as an Artistic Revolution

Streetwear as an Artistic Revolution

Fashion is an art form that’s not up to debate. It is an expression of creativity, combining hues, shapes, and textures to create an outfit that helps the person project themselves positively. Fashion trends come and go, but they always reflect the designer’s innermost creativity. Fashion is an art and a way of communication. We’re not talking about the high-end fashion brands alone, as several streetwear clothing brands are impacting the field. 

For those of you wondering why streetwear is such a buzzword nowadays, read on and find out. 

What’s the hype about streetwear?

For millennials, streetwear is not just about clothes; it’s an expression of their generation; it’s a subculture. It’s a way of marking their identity as the up-and-comers in society, longing to leave a mark in whatever they do. Simply put, streetwear is anything you put on that’s comfortable but eye-catching enough to make an impression. Printed shirts, jeans, hoodies, tracksuits, sneakers, and accessories comprise the basics of streetwear. Putting on an outfit that’s considered fire (that’s dope, good, killin’ it, in whatever parlance you’re comfy with) by millennial standards, though, is something of an art form. Not only do they make an impression, but they’re also expressing their personalities.

It’s all in the vibe

Whereas high-end fashion brands trend because of their ridiculously high price points and top-notch quality, it’s all about the hype and the know-how in terms of streetwear. Streetwear caters to the 25 and below generation, though don’t be surprised to see people in their late 30s and early 40s still repping their game. This is also an expression of a formerly unallowed section in the industry – it’s fashion catering primarily to men.

As we have said, it’s all about the vibe. This vibrant buzz gets cultivated by influencers – rappers, athletes, community pillars – who represent different brands. The more buzz they create about a particular collection, the better. So naturally, this makes the release even more desirable, as it drives up price points and helps bring a sense of exclusivity to the product. 

Street Fashion

What’s droppin’?

The hype train goes full blast until the drop date – or the release day. For some brands, you cannot just go to the store and buy off the rack; they keep it exclusive through various ways. Sometimes, you’ll need someone to give you access to buy the latest drops, thereby making it more exclusive. Unfortunately, with that level of exclusivity comes a great price – on the tag and your street cred. 

Several streetwear brands have mastered this hype machine; even luxury brands have started incorporating what’s trendy into their designs. The collaboration between luxury brands and streetwear represents the status symbol nowadays. The more collaborations you have in your closet, the more cred you have on the street. 

What to cop?

If you’ve got the budget to splurge, go with the collabs. If you have a limited wad, go vintage – they never go out of style. You want to make yourself stand out from the crowd; there are ways to do it without breaking the bank. It’s all about comfort, style, and fit anyways. 


Streetwear is here to stay. Collaborations between and among artists, plus the social media explosion and influencers, will continuously drive these apparels into people’s consciousness. As fashion is art, we’re sure to see different takes of art in the form of streetwear for the foreseeable future. 

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