Preserving Memories through Scrapbooking

Preserving Memories through Scrapbooking

With social media platforms providing a digital repository of photographs and videos, more and more people seem to prefer this rather than holding a tangible album. Some people say that scrapbooking is now a lost art – gone the way of the dodo, finished, kaput. We daresay otherwise as there are still people who want to preserve their precious memories in such a manner. 

Some would say that scrapbooking is a waste of time, an expensive hobby that only a few people appreciate. Well, to that, we say that it’s true. Not everyone would enjoy such a personalized form of keeping memories alive. But, while the hobby might get expensive because you have to buy supplies regularly, its value transcends the price tag for those who make it. For those who love putting together scrapbooks they’re not only passing the time, they’re communicating their passion for art, too. They’re preserving precious moments with a personalized touch while also expressing their specific brand of creativity. 

What’s scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking entails taking a blank book or pad and adding photos, memorabilia, embellishments, and other things that represent your mood or feelings at the moment. Some people state that its purpose is to preserve memories for future generations, but more importantly, it’s a hobby that keeps people happy. 

The line between scrapbooking and art journaling blurs because both use embellishments and express the owner’s personality. However, while both dwell on the visual aesthetics, art journaling centers more on the reflections via different forms of art – scribbles, doodles, sketches, on a particular day. Therefore, we can say that scrapbooking is an art journal but not all art journals are scrapbooks. 

How to start scrapbooking?

Many people refuse to do scrapbooks because they fear the price of the materials. However, scrapbooking need not be an expensive hobby. Several scrapbooking materials don’t cost a pretty penny. The traditional photo albums (whether with pockets or protective film) would be an excellent way to start a project. Those don’t cost much compared to the artisanal scrapbook albums you see in high-end stores. 

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You’ll also need the pictures that you want to include in the album. Thankfully, digital storage is a necessity nowadays, and it eliminates the fuss about imperfect shots. You can scroll down your image list and print the ones you want. With the cost of printing almost negligible nowadays, especially if you have a good printer, you can print as much as you need. 

You’ll also need supplies such as acid-free tape, stickers, pens, and other embellishments. Whatever your budget is, there’s something you can use. 

How do I go with it?

It’s pretty simple. From your photo stash, choose the ones you can make a story about and put them together in one or more pages. The format is up to you, as there’s no one-size-fits-all suggestion. Anything goes – you can turn the photos sideways just a little bit and then put on embellishments such as glitters and stickers, or you can draw around them. Keep the story going until you finish your photo stash. Then, it’s all for you to enjoy. 

Some people even go through the physical scrapbooking process and then digitally capture the pages for their social media accounts. Well, whatever floats your boat. As long as you have fun doing it, there’s nothing wrong with it. 


Scrapbooking isn’t for everyone, but it is an excellent way of preserving memories and expressing your creative side. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it sure will be a great hobby. 

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