Take a Step Backward to Move Three Steps Ahead

Take a Step Backward to Move Three Steps Ahead

Many of us who call ourselves artists might take strong pride in the craft we produce. But how many of us have encountered a time when we were unable to create anything?

While it takes creativity, passion, and charisma to be considered a good artist, it can’t be avoided that even the most talented artist you know may encounter a slump.

Facing a slump can be the most annoying thing for artists especially when you’re in the middle of doing a project and you just somehow … start falling out of it. While this might be a burdensome situation, this is a perfect time to go back to the basics.

Even Other Careers Face a Slump

Not only artists but athletes and entrepreneurs even experience a slump. It is important to remind ourselves that it’s not a bad thing to go back to the basics and do them over and over. Doing the basics can help in refocusing and make you feel like you have accomplished things even if they seem small.

It is, after all, continuously laying out the groundwork that leads athletes to big wins. For us, artists, it would be doing simple sketches, perhaps even just drawing different types of lines, that keep us on track.

Getting the Knowledge

Getting the Knowledge

Going back to the basics helps you not only to refocus but also to understand the process. Similar to businesses, having in-depth knowledge is vital to effective implementation. From the linked article, it might sound far different from art, but if you rethink it, there are similarities. If businesses are to find a trusted partner, the analogy would be that artists are to find the right trusty art tool for themselves. Having basic knowledge of how to use certain art tools can take you to places.

Just remember that having the knowledge shouldn’t bind you, instead it should open doors to explore!

Even Art Students Relearn

For those who are not aware, Fine Art courses usually offer classes that teach basic drawing and painting. In fact, even students who are interested in art but have no fundamentals down have gradually improved their skills due to art classes.

This reminds artists to humble themselves down because there have been cases where students who entered with almost no art experience and left with great improvements. Others who had drawing experience fail to improve due to lack of attitude and discipline.

Patience is Key

Again, it is important to remind yourself that bettering your skills in art does not take overnight. It may take days, weeks, months, or even years. Most people tend to get frustrated easily with art. Patience needs to be developed as it can play a huge role in making improvements.

Where to Start?

These might sound overwhelming especially when you’ve already gone to where you are now. But you can always check out tips on how to be an artist and the 7 elements of art.

Or you could always go with the simple method – draw what you see!

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