Music: A Symphony that Brings Joy

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At the technical level, music is a series of frequencies perceived by the human ear. But to most people, music is a means to relax or enjoy. Every person has their tastes and preferences for music. While one person would enjoy listening to classical music, another would enjoy rock. And that’s what’s so captivating about music is that no matter where you look, there’s something for everyone. Music could be found and traced back to ancient times. This goes to show us how universal and timeless music can be. People have an innate need to listen to and appreciate music transcending time, age, and gender and bringing people together.


Because of how old the concept of music is, it’s no surprise that countless genres of music emerged from it. And with the number of genres that can be found, anyone can find music they relate to or enjoy. Indie, rock, and pop are just a few of the many genres that are ready to be listened to at any time. Of course, over time, people’s tastes in music would change. It could be because they found a genre that they liked better, or they found that the lyrics of one song draw them to look more into a certain genre. But in the end, the genre you listen to doesn’t matter because what matters most is that you enjoy and appreciate what you’re listening to.

Listening Experience

Listening Experience

The way you experience music can affect how you think of music. For others, it could be as simple as the equipment they use to listen to music, whether that be headphones, speakers, or even attending a live concert. For others, it could be something much more personal, like listening to a song during a special event. There are also cases where music can enhance an experience. An example of this would be while watching a movie. The music used in a movie can have a massive impact on how a viewer feels or perceives a movie. It dictates the trajectory of the plot and helps tell a better story overall.


Most people have their favorite artists. And these people usually gravitate towards these artists because they either relate to or enjoy the music they make. The relationship between an artist and their fans is a special one. Because their fans are such supportive, artists can continue to create music, and their fans can continue to enjoy the music artists put out for the world to hear. Furthermore, without these artists, we wouldn’t have music to appreciate. This is why we should be more appreciative of the work these artists put into the music they make.

Music is universal, and it brings people together. However, as listeners, we don’t know how much work needs to be put into a single song. That’s why we shouldn’t take the works of these musicians for granted. All of us have an innate appreciation for music, so we shouldn’t be afraid to appreciate the artists we listen to.

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