The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Taken Its Toll on Artists

The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Taken Its Toll on Artists

The pandemic took its toll on almost all industries, and the arts & culture industry was not spared. Artists rely on people to patronize their work, and one way to show their masterpieces is through exhibits and showcases. But when the world closed down – save for essential businesses like groceries and pharmacies – everything stopped. People lost jobs; they allocated their resources to more important things such as food. Buying art pieces are no longer a priority with the scarce financial resources that the pandemic brought. 

The world may be at a standstill, but artists continue to create beautiful art

When the world started sheltering in place, people had more time on their hands to do things at home. That includes artists who lost their full-time jobs due to the pandemic and had more time to focus on their craft. They created more pieces even though they were not sure that anyone would purchase them because of the shift in priorities. Musicians took to the Internet to entertain their audience at home. The world as we know it may be a lot different now, but artists keep hopes alive with their virtual showcases.

Museum and gallery shutdowns

When Christie’s took back their invitations for a March 15 art lecture because the world was going on lockdown, it was a signal that the art world would take a backseat as people would prioritize stocking up on essentials. This meant that artists’ livelihood would severely be impacted by the pandemic. However, the silver lining to the situation was that artists could devote uninterrupted time for their craft while sheltered in place. They could improve their portfolio as they could create more works while on lockdown, and hopefully, when the world goes back to regular programming, art enthusiasts will resume collecting art pieces.

Virtual tours and online auctions

Although there are still virtual tours and online auctions, the sad thing is that some physical museums and galleries may never open again because of economic losses. This translates to fewer avenues for artists to showcase and offer their works. 

Enjoy the arts and culture world safely at home


Even if at home, art enthusiasts can still enjoy their dose of beautiful art virtually. Adjusting to a new reality is slowly embraced by artists so they can still stay afloat despite massive economic losses brought on by the pandemic. Support for artists can still be given even if you are not buying an artwork. Painters are not the only ones affected; every single artist – be it singers, dancers, performers, and the like – have taken the brunt of the current world situation. 

When the world is back to the way it used to be before March, and the economy has bounced back, artists can regain their livelihoods. One good thing about this pandemic is that they can depict the situation through their art. History will live on through pieces of art and performances, and future generations will know what this generation went through to survive. 

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