The Grandiosity of Baroque Architecture

The Grandiosity of Baroque Architecture

Baroque architecture has similar building techniques and features commonly associated with the Renaissance. The main difference lies in the more dramatic and almost exaggerated style of the architects that used, specialized, and popularized baroque architecture. Other than the architectural structure itself, baroque paintings and sculptures are also used to decorate these elegant structures to further accentuate the style. Accompanied with a long and rich history, baroque architecture can still hold up to this day. Showcasing the architectural style at its best in large churches and cathedrals.


Looking at baroque architecture, the structures are composed with complex shapes that break of the common mold. In comparison to all the straight-cut lines seen in modern architecture, baroque architecture makes great use of curved, elliptical, or dome shaped lines and shapes. Additionally, these structures are decorated with the intention of drawing the eye. This style also puts great emphasis in choosing materials that hold up to its status. To be more specific, using materials that would reflect light well such as gold was commonplace for the architectural style. To tie it all together, there architects play with light and shadow to draw a powerful contrast between the two opposing forces.

Grandiosity of Baroque Architecture


First emerging from Italy in the 16th century, the baroque style came into popularity with the intention of displaying wealth, power, and fame. There are no better examples of these displays other than in grand structures of the Catholic Church. Religious leaders of this time would display, or commission works of art that would become famous or were already famous at the time only adding to the air of importance the style holds. Looking at the history of baroque architecture, it comes as no surprise that there are many churches and cathedrals that were built in this style around that time.


The image baroque architecture showcases speaks for itself. It utilizes only the most grand and luxurious materials like limestone, granite, and gold. Instead of using perfect lines, it encourages the eye to look around the whole structure by using rounded, twisted, or arched lines. Being in a building that uses this style only makes the audience feel even more at awe. The elegance of this style lies within its sheer grandiosity and overstatement of the characteristics and properties it has. All this, contribute to the aura of power and status the style has.

Although it is not common practice today to use baroque architecture, there are still numerous examples that can still be found and are being studied up until today. Architectural style is something that only continues to change over time, yet it is almost a miracle that this style that has been around for centuries is still being examined by students today. This realization only supports the notion that baroque architecture holds a power that can draw and entice those who come across it. Baroque architecture will only continue to grow old and along with that, more styles will only continue to emerge. Across all this change, the only constant will be that baroque architecture will only continue to inspire, push, and stimulate the future generations of architects.

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