The Importance of Sketching in Design

The Importance of Sketching in Design

Many people look at art and only tend to appreciate the finished product, rather than the many steps that pave the way. The rough sketch is one such aspect, and it is often neglected in favor of many other aspects, such as the coloring and the final stages. It is a shame, as there is so much to a rough sketch — to the point where some people consider some aspects of sketching to be superior to the final product.

To help appreciate the importance of sketching in the world of design, it is first crucial to understand what sketching is all about. In a lot of ways, it can be similar to abstract design, where the point of the art is freedom at its purest stage. It is a part of the design process where you are free to grow and condense the piece as much as you want.

What does sketching have over the rest of the design process?

What sketching has is a connection to the imagination that cannot be matched by most other aspects. It is that part of the imagination where your hand is at its most free, and you allow yourself to free your mind and imagine as much of the final product as possible.

Such is the reason why some people consider sketching to have some superior aspects to the end result. In some ways, the end result could not correctly take advantage of the initial sketch’s imagination. It gets to the point where some prefer to simply sketch, make a few corrections, and leave it at that.

Sketching’s connection with abstract art

Sketches connection with abstract art

One of the most fun parts about abstract art is that there is no real code that needs cracking to make the most out of the art. For most people, it is about what the piece makes them feel, and the same thing goes for a sketch. The hand does what it likes as you sketch, and when you grow your skill with sketching, you will find that it is easier to let loose. While the coloring and the final touches might have you condense the imagination to a finely polished point, it does not change the fact that the rough sketch has its place in the design process.

The power of brainstorming ideas

It is during the sketch when brainstorming is at its strongest. It would be similar to a group of people bouncing around ideas to eventually perfect their vision. When drawing up the initial sketch, all manner of things can change. When drawing a face, the expression is bound to change a dozen times over the course of the sketch, as well as the position of all manner of aspects. Eventually, you find that eye of the storm and the sketch starts to take real shape.

In the design process, the initial sketch is arguably the most important. It is the roadmap of what you have to follow as an artist, and it is unique enough that it can be left to be its own art piece.

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