What Will the Fate of the Entertainment Industry After the COVID-19 Pandemic?

What Will the Fate of the Entertainment Industry After the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The current health crisis the world is suffering from right now has taken its toll on the economy, on people’s mental and physical health, and on overall normal things that we used to do. Many health experts predict that we will never be able to go back to the “normal” that we were used to pre-coronavirus. We will always have to practice minimum health standards. The entertainment industry is one of the most hard-hit by the pandemic. A lot of shows, concerts, movie premieres, and shoots took a backseat due to the risks of spreading the virus among crews, audiences, and artists. Will the entertainment industry be back to what it was after the pandemic is over?

Thousands of job losses


As soon as the world locked down, a lot of people lost their jobs, either temporarily or permanently. The economy closed down – restaurants, cinemas, bars, even malls closed down. Only essential businesses remained open – groceries, pharmacies, and hospitals, among others. People were forced out of their jobs, and with the easing of restrictions and the reopening of the economy, some were able to go back to their jobs. But unfortunately, a lot lost theirs, either because businesses closed for good or they down-sized.

Resumption of work

A lot of TV shows turned online when the coronavirus pandemic began. The Ellen Show, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and Jimmy Kimmel Live were among the shows that made use of their online presence to continue entertaining their audience. When quarantine restrictions began easing, employees’ skeletal workforce in different shows returned so that TV networks and movie outfits could continue to provide their audiences with content. 

Ensuring the safety of workers

Minimum health standards – wearing face masks and face shields, washing of hands, and maintaining physical distancing are a must for workers who are returning to their jobs to ensure their safety while still earning a living. Tens of thousands of people all over the world died due to COVID-19, and workers from the entertainment industry as well as in other sectors must be protected, thus the minimum health protocols.

The new normal for movie and concert-goers

When restrictions eased, restaurants and other businesses required fewer patrons inside their premises to avoid spreading the virus. This may also be true when concerts and movie theaters resume. Physical distancing is a must. They will be operating at a reduced capacity of their venues. When movie theaters, concert venues, and TV show studios finally reopen, promoters and TV and movie outfits will have to deal with income losses because of the reduced venue capacities.

Everyone must adjust to the “new normal” if we don’t want to be one of the statistics of COVID-19 cases. But despite the very real risk of the virus, still, a lot of people do not wear masks and practice social distancing, saying that it is against God’s gift of free air to breathe. The more we are stubborn about practicing health practices, the longer we will be able to go back to the way we were before.

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