Street Fashion: Following Trends

Street Fashion: Following Trends

Compared to other styles of fashion, street style takes a more relaxed approach to fashion. During the 20th century, this emerging style was grounded by the longing to display genuine, heartfelt intentions. Since its conception, street fashion has become so big that it can be considered an umbrella term with other sub-categories within. The reason why this particular style has become so popular is said to be related to the exposure this style gets on social media. Moreover, fashion that is thought of as strange or odd in real life does not seem so out of place on these platforms, if anything, they are praised for creativity and inventiveness.

The Style’s Staples

When it comes to street style, there are a few items that are essential for any closet. For shirts and tops, having a few plain white tee shirts are always welcomed. And for a slightly more formal look, an oversized button-down shirt would pair well with most outfits. Trousers or pants usually call for a pair of light-wash jeans or track pants. To create an interesting silhouette, try playing around with the cut of jeans and look for wider-legged or flared bottoms. When picking a pair of shoes, the go-to for street style will always be a pair of running shoes or sneakers, they just seem to pair well with everything perfectly.


Street Fashion in Japan

Gaining inspiration from the style the United States crafted, the Japanese have created their own version of the fashion movement, complete with their own unique set of rules and trends. One of the main differences between fashion in Japan and other countries is that they have brands that are geared toward the style and are exclusively produced for the country. However, it is not only these big labels that control the most popular trends but also girls in high school, who are a large portion of the demographic interested in the movement. With these two parties influencing each other, Japanese street style produces loud, one-off outfits.

Street Fashion in London

Although less popular than the fashion found in New York, Paris, and Japan, London is also a center for street style. In Europe, London is among the countries that closely follow the trends of street style. One small detail that sets apart people from London is that they seem to be looking into sustainable fashion practices when it comes to the production of clothes and textiles. While other countries are also trying to follow suit, London has already been attempting to incorporate more environmentally conscious efforts in hopes of reducing its carbon footprint.

Street style as a whole has become its own genre of fashion. Most capitals for fashion have already adapted by building their own way to put a unique spin on the movement. Where some have high school girls helping to decide what the next trends will be, another has put efforts towards greener production whilst preserving their love for fashion. The new style has taken the world by storm and is producing positive changes within the fashion industry. And will hopefully continue to dominate and influence the course of upcoming movements in fashion.

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