Art Medium – Your Platform For Expression

Art Medium – Your Platform For Expression

Medium is the basis of all art forms. In fact, there are numerous art methods and art mediums that already exist in the realm of art. When talking about art, it doesn’t only revolve around one specific aspect, it is diverse. For instance, drawing or sketching is not only limited to pencil, but painting also is not only applicable in oil and watercolor, and sculpture is not only bounded to wood and stone. It goes way beyond that.

Different Art Techniques

Artists make use of various techniques and procedures to express their point of view. When talking about paintings, what usually comes to mind? Different hues on canvas, of course! But how do they create such beautiful work with one color without utilizing other various shades? The answer is in the medium they incorporate into their artwork. These art forms include Ceramic or Clay Painting, Sand Painting, Digital Art, Mural Art, Crop Art, Coffee Painting, Fax Art, and many more. 

Ceramic and Crop Painting

Ceramic or Clay Painting is created from ceramic or clay, sand painting from sand, crop art from seeds, Coffee Painting and Glass Painting from pure coffee, and Indian Mural art from natural vegetable colors and pigments. 

Unusual Canvas

Aside from working on canvas, artists also make art in vehicles, wall, stone, rock, bamboo, wood, or water. There’s Truck Painting and Auto-Art in India, Mural art in Europe, Rock Art of Asia and Africa, and Bamboo art and Cave Paintings in Asia. There are also art on wood, paper, and other brilliant art styles. 

Tribal Art

Art is also used to express historical backgrounds just like the Tribal art in Africa where they create African Tribal Masks to show the beauty of their culture.

Street Art

Street Art or any form of art made in public areas is popular for being eye-catching to those who pass around the street. It is a rebellious masterpiece that defies the rules of art.



For sculpture, there is sculpture created from recycled materials, sand sculpture, ice sculpture, and Megalithic art – the utilization of huge stones as an art medium. These are just some of the popular mediums in sculpture making.

Installation Art

Installation art is a modern approach to art. It utilizes sculptural materials and other media to enhance our experience with certain space. Medium for contemporary art installation ranges from natural and every day materials to new media including sound, performance, video, computers, and the internet.

To promote art, museums and galleries cater to artists. In a four-cornered wall, artworks such as painting are displayed for visitors to see. There are also exhibitions done on plasma screens. This digitized show attracts a number of visitors. For sculptures and large work, the open public show is held in gardens or any open spaces.

No matter what medium artists use, they always make sure that they were able to express their own style and technique on their work. As Aristotle puts it – “the aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”

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