Bonsai Making – A Dying Ancient Art

Bonsai Making – A Dying Ancient Art

Bonsai is the classic art of growing trees and it is adapted from the traditional culture of the Japanese. The Bonsai Art involves cultivating of dwarfed trees in a miniature form and placing them in shallow plant containers. It is then displayed as a decorative piece. You can choose from simple to complex methods of Bonsai making. You can choose any plant pot and material to use since the whole idea of the process is to exhibit the beauty of nature. A carefully crafted Bonsai is a gorgeous sight and it gives the owner a sense of fulfillment and pride. The making of Bonsai will offer relief and peacefulness to any person.

Bonsai Art through the years

Over the years, Japanese reared Bonsai with the use of indigenous dwarf trees, which later on changed because of increasing demand. This inspired Japanese Bonsai gardeners to create new methods of creating bonsai from other types of trees. They created different shapes using various trees to develop the illusion of age. But the art of bonsai making aged, and with this comes new development, specifically in America. The latest method includes much-complicated procedure but when it comes to style and concept, it has more freedom compared to Japanese bonsai makers.

To grow a gorgeous and artisanal bonsai, using the appropriate kind of tree is vital. This is because not all plants can be used for bonsai making. It should be able to express a realistic view of a grown tree, so all parts of the bonsai including the leaves, branches, trunk, twigs, fruits, flowers, roots, and buds should be similar to the size of the tree you will utilize. Ideally, the artist should choose a plant with small leaves. This is because plants with bigger foliage like sycamores, avocado, or mangoes will create disproportionate bonsai, which is not a good look for your craft.

Best plant species to Bonsai

Bonsai Tree

The best species of plants to develop are maple and oak trees since they work well with the procedure of bonsai making and it fits perfectly in the bonsai culture. This is because these trees have proportional leaves. You can also opt for pine, spruce, zelkova, and pomegranate plants. Generally, bonsai making is an ancient form of art, so the plants you choose plays an important role in the procedure. The bark of the tree must be attractive and unique. It should depict an artistic expression and illusion of age. The main branches need to be shortened too. This will create an emphasis on the vertical line of the trunk and establish its proportional look. Since displaying the maturity of the plant is an essential aspect of bonsai making, it is important to expose the upper portion of the root structure. Note that the branches give the dimension to the bonsai, maintaining its tree-like form. Thus, ensuring that the branches are balanced at each side is very important.

Bonsai making is a pleasurable hobby. It will offer you a sense of Zen and calmness. This is a form of art that will get you to appreciate the beauty of nature even more.

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