Idiosyncratic Style in High Fashion

Idiosyncratic Style in High Fashion

Haute couture or simply high fashion is a category in fashion that uses only the most refined, lavish, and valuable clothing items and accessories made by well-known designers associated with high-end brands. In general, the clothes made for haute couture are custom-made and reserved only for women. The clothes made for high fashion typically seem outlandish at first but when examined closely they have almost an aura that would demand the attention of those around. Other than the eccentric designs being used, these pieces would only be produced in limited quantities and be showcased at runway shows to be displayed for potential customers and journalists.

Telling Low and High Fashion Apart

When discussing the differences between low and high fashion talking about the stark difference in price points is unavoidable, the reason for the high price is in part of all the expenses made by the brand, the extensive knowledge and time of a designer, wages of other staff, and other miscellaneous costs. However, the tall price comes coupled with an ensured mark of quality from the designer and the brand, using only the best materials for their consumers, being careful not to add any chemicals or toxins to the raw materials and textiles. While low fashion is focused on keeping costs low, it also comes at the expense of quality and green practices.



Looking at the runways for these high fashion brands confuse most people, to them, the clothes look uncomfortable and unusual, but in reality, that is exactly what they are. Now, why would designers purposefully design something so difficult to wear? During these fashion shows, brands and designers want to give a quick look into the themes, feel, and, and air of the upcoming collections that would be available on their store’s shelves. In addition to promoting a brand, the techniques of the designer, materials, and fabrics will all be on full display, showing the extent to which designers are capable.


The clothes shown on the runway typically will not be the final iteration seen on store shelves. What is seen will be later transformed into a more wearable design. After the showcase of clothes on the runway, designers put together a new set of similarly designed clothes that will be less complicated to wear on a simple day while showcasing the talents and skills of the designers and using the same materials and textiles seen without taking away from the initial impression on the runway.

More than anything haute couture is a showcase of talent and capability. While high fashion is admittedly impractical, it focuses on using clothes as an art form to express oneself instead of thinking that they are just something that has to be worn. Year after year these shows continue to create new and interesting designs and silhouettes. Learning how to appreciate the work and effort put towards high fashion and its runway shows can really put into perspective how exhausting and time-consuming it can be for designers, which is why learning to appreciate it even just a little bit will go a long way.

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