Live Streaming: A Fresh Way to Display Art

Live Streaming: A Fresh Way to Display Art

The new technology of live streaming allows everyone to watch or produce and start sharing videos with viewers in real-time. The equipment needed to live stream is inexpensive and few. Of course, one has to have a stable internet connection, a tablet or smartphone, and a specific platform to share your live stream. Among the more popular platforms is Facebook live, Twitch TV, Tik Tok, and Livit. Twitch is more focused on gamers, and viewership comes from the gaming community. Live streaming is different from pre-recorded videos, as no editing can be done. The footage is all in real-time and uncensored. Some of these live streams are private, such as video conferencing on Zoom or Skype, limited only to invited guests. Other live streams are open to public viewership, and anyone worldwide can view and support live streamers they like. The interaction between viewers and streamers is through messages posted on the comment section of the live stream. Additionally, viewers may send emojis and gifts like coins that may be converted to cash for live streamers to earn.

A fresh medium for artists

Once a typical platform for video gamers, live streaming has since evolved and opened its doors to everyone with unique skills and talents to show off. From singers to dancers and painters, artists are now displaying their expertise through live streaming and are gaining significant popularity in their chosen niche. Moreover, it has given the struggling artist a chance to be recognized and hopefully succeed in their artistic endeavors. The present worldwide situation has presented its unique challenges to artists of various art forms. Thus, they are presented with an excellent option to pursue their passion through live streaming.

Wider reach

Performing on stage or displaying art pieces in galleries can indeed be rewarding. However, an artist can only reach out to a select few who visit the art gallery or watch a concert. Live streaming reaches out to more people as it is available to anyone in any part of the globe. People can see the artist at work, live, and show support in real-time. The artist engages their audience, responds to questions, gives in to requests, or offers advice as comments come in. They may be pleasantly surprised to see how many fans they gain in a single live stream that they would otherwise not have found in different circumstances. There are no barriers to live streaming. It allows the artist to connect with fans they have always had and new ones as well. Live streaming is beneficial to viewers interested in various art forms but restricted by distance and other obstacles. They can now have the opportunity to watch performances or see artists create their art pieces live. It is an effective method of reaching out to people who cannot be there in person to see what the artist has to offer.

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A means to earn

While artists have so much passion for their art, they also need to earn, which can be challenging for many. Thus, artists have to find other means to augment their finances, frequently finding jobs that are somehow related to what they love doing. Live streaming can be a way for an artist to make money. For example, a steamer that becomes popular may be paid by the platform they use to stream. Additionally, viewers can support their favorite artists with donations or provide gifts that equate to cash earnings. Artists can also advertise their work through their stream and be financially rewarded by people interested in purchasing their work.

If you are an artist and feel that your career has come to a standstill, you may want to consider live streaming. It could be the answer you have been looking for.

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