Researchers Suggest – See Art Galleries and Museums For A Longer Life Today

Researchers Suggest – See Art Galleries and Museums For A Longer Life Today

A medical study reveals that a quick trip to an art gallery or museum is sure to give you a longer life. The more often you get that quick art fix, the better.

UCL research

The researchers from the UCL or University College London found that people who are often engaged in the arts are had a 32% lower risk of drying early compared to those who don’t. Even checking a gallery or museum once or two times every year is sure to lower your risk by 15%. This is taken from a data involving over six thousand adults in England aged 50 years old and older who was a part of a huge study on aging.

Although other risky health behaviours such as exercise, alcohol intake, smoking are predictors of mortality rate, these activities that many people do not perceive as health-related do surprisingly promote longevity and good health. The associate professor from the University’s Research Department of Behavioural Science and Health supported the findings.

Engaging in art activities

The frequency an individual engages in various art activities like concerts, opera, art exhibitions, were assessed and measured at the start of 2004-2005. The participants in the study were followed up for an average of 10-12 years, during which time deaths were also documented following data from UK’s NHS or National Health Service.


Arts engagement and longevity

The study conducted made a study of various factors as economic, health, and social aspects to assess and explain why there is a direct link between longevity and arts engagement, although they failed to establish its causal link. A part of the reason is that there is a discrepancy in the economic and social status of those who of and don’t go to the art museums and galleries.


They found out that wealth comprise 9% of the association. Social, civic, and cognitive distinctions, as well as mental health, disability, and mobility played a crucial role too. Stuff such as occupational status and free time are of no importance in this case. A huge part of the association is highly linked to the difference in socio-economic status of those who do and do not visit art galleries or museums.

Bottom Line

Engaging in the arts can work as a buffer for stress and enhance creativity that enables people to adapt to the various circumstances of life. It also enables people to create social basis, emotional support, and information that enables aging people to grow old successfully. The study has not looked into the impacts of taking part in various art related activities but the WHO or World Health Organisation see as a viable evidence establishing that both receptive and active participation (visiting museum and being in a choir), had huge health benefits to the aging population.

An editorial that followed this research claims that everyone must take part in artistic and cultural activities to boost longevity and good health.

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