The Origin of Romanticism and Its Importance in the Art Movement

The Origin of Romanticism and Its Importance in the Art Movement

Romanticism’s Description

This epoch was highly categorized by its emotion and individualism and high regard for nature and the past specifically referring to the medieval period. This influence is somehow a reaction to the industrial revolution, the age of enlightenment, and scientific logical understanding of nature. Though it affected mostly, the education, natural sciences and historiography of the period, it did have an important effect on politics.

This crusade originated from a German movement which is highly prejudiced by intuition and emotion. Emotions like apprehension, terror and awe confronted the sublimity and beauty of nature.  Focusing more on the medieval elements of art is what this movement was all about.


Romanticism in Visual Arts

One of the great aspects influenced by Romanticism is the visual arts which were first depicted through landscape painting during the 17th century. Two of the most famous artists of that time were Caspar Friedrich and Turner, who turned German and English landscape painting into extreme Romanticism. Turner, who painted large landscapes and seascapes had a modern setting. While Friedrich on the other hand, used single features and figures such as crosses set with a huge landscape background that reflected premonition of death.

Other artists that were inspired by Romanticism expressed their emotions through a more mystical approach. These artists include William Blake and Samuel Palmer, who were considered members of the Ancients in England. The deaths of these artists had a great influence during the 19th century.

While in France, Romanticism came quite late due to the strong influence of Neoclassicism. It only became popular during the Napoleonic era where they were expressed through historical paintings signaling the arrival of the new regime. Medusa is one of the best recognized works of French Romantic masterpieces.

Romanticism in Music

Another form of art introduced and highly recognized during this period was the art of music. Music in the Romantic period was truly phenomenal most especially in Germany. It was described as diverse and profound, and has motivated German musicians as well. Romanticism in music started in the early 1800’s until the 19th century. The earliest presentation like the Memoires of Andre Gretry, represented much of the movement. French music was highly dominated by Germans for the main reason that they owe much to Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a composer, who established a link in the Romantic movement.

In the early 18th century, Mozart, Beethoven and Hadyn, considered to be the master trio of instrumental music compositions, breathed romantic spirit through their works. Their works expressed individuality, depth and emotion.

This period proved to be one of the most vital eras in arts and music. It has greatly shaped present day masterpieces, and would remain to be memorable through generations.

Photo Attribution:

Featured and 1st image by Eugène Delacroix [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

2nd image by Caspar David Friedrich [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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