Affordable Art Now Comes In the Form of Stickers

Affordable Art Now Comes In the Form of Stickers

Owning art feels like an accomplishment that only the rich have. For most people, they think art comes only in the form of a large-scale painting or a sculpture. That is not necessarily the case anymore, as art can come in different forms that anyone can pay for within one’s means. Although there are still those who continue to afford expensive art, there are others who want to start small that won’t burn a hole in their pockets.

As much everyone wants to support their local artists, not all creators offer affordable pieces. However, some of them showcase their art through prints, apparel, and yes, even stickers.

What was a thing of the past is now back with a vengeance. Although they have become a political tool in the 60s through bumper stickers, children of the 90s had a different experience. They grew up trading stickers with their friends through their sticker albums. It is a great idea that artists have now made their art accessible through this format. Not only does it brings back nostalgia, but it also makes those children who grew up in that time buy them as much as they could. No more lunch money to earn just to buy them at your local bookstore!

Now that those children are adults, they have the resources to buy stickers that suit their style and personality. They can find artists that perfectly match their aesthetic, and purchase their stickers if they have. There is variety as long as one knows where to look.

Stickers are more than just an adhesive label nowadays. They are used to decorate every surface a person could think of – from notebooks, laptops, fridge doors, and other smooth surfaces that even the smallest of stickers can be put on!

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Everyone can also come out with their stickers, as fashion brands have jumped on the bandwagon. But those are usually expensive (compared to ones created by your local artists) unless one wants to experience a taste of luxury through that small treat. It’s still up to the consumer if they want to flaunt their taste through designer stickers or if they want to support their local artists through the same format. There’s no shame in wanting one or the other, but preferring both is also okay. As long as one doesn’t go broke with collecting them all!

Check if there are sticker sellers and collectors in your local art fair. Artists who sell their creations in this format usually sell them in packs so you get the most out of your money and their work. Collectors attend these events so they can showcase their unique stickers, and at the same time, add more to their collection from up and coming artists. Your local art fair is a place to interact with the artists whose work you’ve admired and maybe you can ask them a commission for a personalized piece.  You won’t be able to get them immediately if you request custom stickers as they need a special printer for that. Nevertheless, enjoy scouring art fairs for these affordable art forms.

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